Quality Certificate

TORROJA INGENIERIA S.L.P. 's purpose is its continual improvement of its quality standards.

For this reason, our philosophy leads us to continuously improve management and production. Our Quality Policy establishes a group of principles, and to achieve them, periodically set a number of quality targets, being the most important, to increase the degree of customer satisfaction.

In November 2001 the company obtained recognition of quality, getting the international certification ISO 9001 Quality Management System granted by SGS ICS Ibérica SA Systems & Services Certification.

Our quality assurance and quality control policy is based on the following principles:

  • Evaluate the satisfaction and quality expectations of our customers.
  • Providing services in accordance with the specifications and requirements of the tender documents or contracts.
  • Providing economic and financial results to revalue assets.
  • Promoting quality management to all staff at all levels and in all processes of the Company.
  • Assuming an integrated approach to prevent the causes that may lead to non-conformities.
  • Promote a business administration committed to quality, ensuring the future of the Company and its development.
  • Promoting continuous improvement as a priority for quality management, interpreting the expectations of our customers.
  • Establishing a level of collaboration and commitment to our key partners in the field of quality.
  • Managing human resources in the context of a continuous improvement process that allows, permanently, for greater efficiency in productivity.

All Company´s staff members play an important role in the Quality Assurance and Quality Control Management System offered to our customers.

The success of this permanent challenge requires the commitment of each one of us.

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