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TORROJA INGENIERIA S.L.P. is the successor and continuer of the activity related to Civil Engineering, which was initially developed by the Technical Office of D. EDUARDO TORROJA and subsequently by JOSE A. TORROJA OFICINA TÉCNICA S.A. Since 2004 TORROJA INGENIERÍA S.L. is the corporation that has the human and material resources previously owned by JOSE A. TORROJA OFICINA TÉCNICA S.A.

December 2015, the Company legal form was changed to a Limited Liability Professional Partnership.

Since 1980 TORROJA INGENIERIA S.L.P. has been involved in more than 300 projects and designs, concerning different specialities of civil engineering: bridges, special structures, ports, tanks, buildings, canals and pipelines, roads, railways ... It has also been involved in numerous regional and urban planning designs.

The design work has been, since its beginning, complemented by participation in project management, especially in the field of large-scale structures.

In the mid 90's TORROJA INGENIERIA S.L.P. began the investigation and development of Management Systems for the Maintenance of Structures, being the precursors of new methods of inspection and evaluation of existing structures and also creating new assessment methods to evaluate the potential risk of scour in structures crossing over watercourses. To date, the staff of TORROJA INGENIERÍA S.L.P. has performed over 5000 inspections of bridges.

These activities have been complemented with the writing of engineering reports and the drafting of Manuals, Recommendations and Regulations for Public Administration.

Research work and the development of new calculation methods is an integral part of the daily work of our staff. Some of our engineers are Professors at University of Civil Engineering of Madrid (ETSICCP, UPM). The R&D&I department works in the application of numerical methods and develops their own software for the definition, calculation and control of implementation of various structural types, paying special attention to update and introduce new methods of design.

Although its activity was initially mostly in Spain, the opening of new international markets has encouraged the company to create subsidiaries, such as TORROJA INTERNATIONAL LLC in 2011, based in the U.S.A, and TORROJA PR, LLC, in 2012, based in Puerto Rico, and TORROJA ENGENHARIA de Projetos de Obras Civis e Arquitetura, LTDA, in 2013, based in Brazil.

These offices are equipped with all the technical and material resources needed for the performance of their duties.

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