Patents & in-house Technology

Innovation and development of construction methods

The close contact of TORROJA INGENIERIA S.L.P. with the construction of bridges and special structures has been continuous throughout its history. Thus, it is noteworthy that TORROJA INGENIERIA S.L.P. has been the Consultant for the Construction of several bridges that were milestones in the recent history of civil engineering such as the bridges below:

  • The viaduct over the River Ulla (2011) for the High Speed Railway (HSR), whose central span stilted arch marked the world height record for HSR bridges reaching 140 m.
  • The Lanjarón Arch Bridge (1997), with the construction method of push-pull, innovative in its time.
  • The bridge over the Barranco de Silva (1976) in Gran Canaria, was Europe's highest bridge, with the highest pier of 103 m. It was also the first curved bridge built in Spain using the balanced cantilever method.
  • The bridge of Molins de Rey on the Llobregat River (1972) was the first prestressed concrete bridge, having a span greater than 100 m using the balanced cantilever method built in Spain.
  • The Andarax Bridge (1972) was the first launched prestressed concrete railway bridge built in Spain.


Innovation in new theories of computation and inspection methods

TORROJA  INGENIERIA S.L.P. has developed a new method for inspection of water courses around the bridges, in order to assess the risk of scouring of the bridges´ substructures. The principles on which these works are based, and the methodology for developing them, were pioneering, not only in Spain but also in the international scientific community.

This system has already been used in both public administrations, such as the Road Directorate of the Ministry of Public Roads in Spain, and private toll motorways concessionaires, such as Abertis  in Spain.

TORROJA  INGENIERIA S.L.P. has created, developed, programmed and implemented some different Bridge Management Systems, among which is the Highways Agency of the Ministry of Public Works in Spain, which was the first comprehensive bridge management system for the maintenance of the bridges that has been developed and implemented in Spain.

Similarly, some other implementation of the Bridge Management System  have been made over the past years on different toll motorways private concessionaires.


Conferences and Seminars

As a result of the work of our highly qualified staff, TORROJA INGENIERIA S.L.P organizes courses and seminars, aimed at the scientific community to share their contributions and achievements, in the belief that knowledge sharing creates a benefit to society and contributes to raising the technical level of national and international engineering. Worthy of note are the courses taught by Bridge Inspectors of TORROJA INGENIERIA S.L.P.. where they have been taught most of the people in charge of inspections of structures that are made in Spain.

Moreover, Engineers from TORROJA INGENIERIA S.L.P., are regular speakers at conferences both national and international, concerning structures, concrete and steel bridges and other fields of activity of the Company.


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