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Research, Development and Innovation activities have always been a constant feature since TORROJA INGENIERIA S.L.P. began its activities. These due to the engineer's desire to go beyond the common knowledge, to solve real problems.

This is a permanent idea that has been maintained and developed in different areas in which the company has been gradually extending its scope, and today it goes from the designing, inspections of structures, development and implementation of bridge management systems and evaluation of structures, development of programs for structural design, supervision of construction, technical assistance during construction works, writing manuals and technical standards, etc.

TORROJA INGENIERIA S.L.P. is using research, development and innovation, always to the benefit of its customers, providing quality and added value products to our Clients that have been giving us prestige for over 80 years. The implementation of the R & D & I Systems are made following the philosophy established in the standards UNE 166000 Management of R & D & I.

The close relationship that TORROJA INGENIERIA S.L.P. has had from its origin with the university is also remarkable, both in the teaching aspect as well as on research issues.











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