Software Development

New calculation processes development has always been a concern as well as a challenge, in the daily work of TORROJA INGENIERIA S.L.P., since its inception.

This development of new processes of calculation has been maintained subsequently. Thus, for example,TORROJA INGENIERIA S.L.P., has developed specific programs for the calculation of bridges considering the following aspects:

  • Software for calculating cantilever bridges.
  • Software for calculating launched bridges.
  • Software for calculating bridges made using movable scaffoldings
  • Software for checking the second order effects on slender piers
  • Software for the calculation of piers of decks made of precast beams
  • Software for the geometrical definition of beam bridges.

It is also noteworthy in the field of development of new software, the work done by the Department of Technology of the Public Works Ministry of Spain, concerning the creation of a "Collection of three-span slab bridges" in 2000 and 2001, which has developed an intelligent system design, testing and definition of prestressed concrete bridges of variable depth up to 40 m span. This system is able to calculate, draw and estimate the measurements of bridges defined in terms of geometric characteristics, location and environment that are defined at the beginning of each session.

Today, in our daily work, we use, in addition to internally developed software, the most advanced / cutting edge calculation software concerning finite element models and second order calculations.







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