National and International Standards & Codes

The presence of Engineers from TORROJA INGENIERIA S.L.P. on various committees for developing technical regulations and standards, has been recurrent all over the years. Some of these collaborations are presented following:

  • D. Jose Maria Villar was the Chairman of the working group of IAP-98, (Loads on Road Bridges), and belonged to the editorial working group of the current IAP-2011.
  • D. Jose Manuel Simon-Talero was speaker of the Drafting Committee of the Code of Steel Structures - EAE.
  • D. Jose Manuel Simon-Talero is national technical contact of the Part 2: Bridges and Part 1.5: Eurocode 3, representing Spain in the CEN (European Committee for Standardization).
  • D. Jose Maria Villar and D. Jose Manuel Simon-Talero have been members of the Drafting Committee "Standard of Loads for Railroad Bridges - IAPF".
  • D. Jose Manuel Simon-Talero is member of the Management Committee of the Cost 345, dedicated to the "Procedures for Assessing required highway structures" in the EU area concerning the "European co-operation in the field of scientific and technical research" as set in the title of the committee.











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